Day-to-Day Data
Welcome to the Day-to-Day Data Web-based Exhibition. The Web-based Exhibition was officially launched to coincide with the start of the exhibition tour on 20 July 2005.

The Web-based Exhibition features four new projects by artists dealing with a broad spectrum of material from day-to-day life – from the secret lives of common supermarket products such as washing powder in
Anders Bojen & Kristoffer Ørum’s Detergent (Real imaginary system) to the secret lives of the shopping trolleys themselves in Adele Prince’s Trolley Spotting. The mystery of the meaning of baby chatter is deciphered in Kevin Carter’s De do do do, de da da da (They're meaningless and all that's true) and the Earthly locations of our stars are revealed in Jem Finer’s On Earth as in Heaven.

Some of the projects use the internet itself as a database – linking to other websites all over the world where the relevant data can be pinpointed, whilst others use the look and feel of familiar web-based systems such as online learning and mapping software to make playful pastiches with which to display their data...

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