Day-to-Day Data

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Data found
Abigail ReynoldsTony Kemplen
Charlotte White
Richard Dedomenici     Helen FrosiHannah Brown         Adele PrinceChristian NoldLucy Kimbell
Ellie Harrison
Data self-generated
About data methodology
Hannah Brown   Helen FrosiCharlotte WhiteChristian Nold Richard Dedomenici   Lucy Kimbell   Abigail ReynoldsAdele Prince   Ellie HarrisonTony Kemplen   About data outputs
Collecting hard data
Abigail Reynolds  Helen FrosiChristian NoldEllie Harrison
Tony Kemplen
Richard Dedomenici     Charlotte WhiteHannah BrownLucy Kimbell         Adele Prince Approximating data
  Helen Frosi Ellie Harrison Hannah Brown   Richard Dedomenici  Tony Kemplen Charlotte White     Abigail ReynoldsAdele PrinceChristian Nold
Lucy Kimbell
Charlotte WhiteChristian NoldLucy Kimbell         Hannah BrownEllie Harrison   Helen Frosi Richard Dedomenici Abigail ReynoldsAdele Prince Tony Kemplen   Recorded
Data-based (relational)
Christian Nold         Abigail ReynoldsAdele PrinceTony Kemplen Helen Frosi   Charlotte White Richard DedomeniciEllie Harrison Hannah BrownLucy Kimbell Catalogued (hermetic)
Christian NoldHannah Brown Charlotte White Helen Frosi Adele PrinceEllie Harrison   Lucy Kimbell    Tony Kemplen Abigail Reynolds  Richard Dedomenici   Closed
Historical / archival
Helen FrosiAdele PrinceTony Kemplen   Abigail ReynoldsLucy Kimbell   Ellie Harrison Charlotte WhiteHannah Brown       Richard Dedomenici Christian Nold Futuristic / predictive
Helen FrosiHannah Brown Ellie Harrison Adele PrinceLucy KimbellTony Kemplen Richard Dedomenici     Abigail Reynolds      Charlotte White Christian Nold Distanced
Manipulation of data
Ellie Harrison Richard DedomeniciTony Kemplen Charlotte White     Hannah Brown Lucy Kimbell   Adele Prince  Helen Frosi Abigail ReynoldsChristian Nold  Visualisation of data
          Helen FrosiRichard DedomeniciEllie Harrison
Tony Kemplen
Adele Prince    Charlotte WhiteChristian Nold   Abigail ReynoldsHannah BrownLucy Kimbell Display
Writing lists
  Richard Dedomenici       Charlotte WhiteAbigail ReynoldsAdele Prince
Hannah BrownLucy Kimbell
  Helen FrosiTony Kemplen   Ellie Harrison Christian Nold Making tables
Low data use value
 Tony Kemplen Ellie Harrison Helen Frosi Richard Dedomenici   Hannah Brown   Adele Prince  Lucy Kimbell Charlotte White Abigail ReynoldsChristian Nold  High data use value
Hannah Brown Helen Frosi       Lucy Kimbell   Christian Nold Charlotte WhiteAdele PrinceAbigail Reynolds
Richard DedomeniciEllie Harrison
 Tony Kemplen   Representation

Abigail Reynolds Abigail Reynolds Charlotte White Charlotte White Ellie Harrison Ellie Harrison Helen Frosi Helen Frosi Richard Dedomenici Richard Dedomenici
Adele Prince Adele Prince Christian Nold Christian Nold Hannah Brown Hannah Brown Lucy Kimbell Lucy Kimbell Tony Kemplen Tony Kemplen