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On Monday 3 October 2005, Adele Prince and Ellie Harrison challenged six lucky contestants to the first ever game of The Quotidian Factor.

The Quotidian Factor was a game show style creative workshop open to artists working in all media with a particular interest in quantifying and documenting objects, events and experiences from everyday life.

Through a series of four diverse challenges, the contestants were put through their paces and encouraged to look to the smaller things in life for inspiration for their work. The climax of the workshop saw the presentation of the much sought after Quotidian Factor award for the artist who scored the most points.

This is the first collaborative project between artists Adele Prince and Ellie Harrison. Both have worked extensively with information collected about day-to-day life. The workshop was commissioned by ARC (Artists’ Resource Centre) and held at Aspex Gallery in Portsmouth. This workshop was inspired by some of the themes from the exhibition Day-to-Day Data, curated by Ellie Harrison, which was showing concurrently at Aspex Gallery.

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The Quotidian Factor