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Day-to-Day Data Symposium at the ICA

This Saturday!

18 March, 4 - 6pm

Featuring presentations by Abigail Reynolds, Adele Prince, Ellie Harrison, Richard Dedomenici and Tony Kemplen exploring the different ways in which data can be collected, analysed, processed and visualised as part of artistic practice (see full details below).

The discussion panel includes Gabrielle Sharp, Hannah Brown, Helen Frosi, Kevin Carter, Mary Yacoob, Sam Curtis, Therese Stowell and Tim Taylor.

£5, £4 ICA Members

Institute of Contemporary Arts
The Mall

020 7930 3647

Data Mapping

Adele Prince will introduce the project she created for Day-to-Day Data, Trolley Spotting and an earlier piece Lost Something. She will examine how data can be collected about urban debris whilst walking through the city and used to map our personal relationships with our local area.

Adele Prince - Trolley Spotting
Pattern Recognition

Richard Dedomenici will discuss recent projects where research has led him to uncover bizarre patterns emerging in the least expected places. These include his experiments in Train Spotter Spotting and the theory of the Nail Salon Belt, developed for Day-to-Day Data.

Richard Dedomenici - Nail Salon Belt
Data Visualisation

Tony Kemplen will show his experiments with data visualisation techniques. By borrowing the look of educational aids he will demonstrate how absurd information can appear to be of great importance. He will conclude by sharing the process of visualising his project for Day-to-Day Data, Eating Pizza While Watching the News.

Tony Kemplen - Eating Pizza While Watching the News

Data Processing

Abigail Reynolds will describe the rules and systems she employs to process word data extracted from the Oxford English Dictionary into the exact positioning of objects within her sculptures. The Word Co-ordinate works appear as autonomous art objects, however a little probing can reveal the complex systems which created them.

Abigail Reynolds - Co-ordinates of Flame
Data Logging

Ellie Harrison will share her experiences of logging personal data, describing the effect constant measuring and monitoring has on her life. She will introduce her two characters, the Daily Data Logger and the Specimen and then describe the ways their data is concealed, transformed and then presented within a gallery installation.

Ellie Harrison - Daily Data Logger

The Day-to-Day Data exhibition continues at Danielle Arnaud contemporary art, London until 23 April 2006. Friday - Sunday, 2 - 6pm.

The Day-to-Day Data Symposium is part of - a month long season of media arts projects taking place across London in March 2006.

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