Day-to-Day Data
Helen Frosi
Title: Life/Lotto
Location: Installation at all gallery venues

Helen presents a large-scale wall based installation, which documents her attempts to determine the winning Lottery numbers, by studying signs and ciphers hidden within the minutiae of her everyday routine. The display aims to demonstrate how it is possible to derive those six lucky numbers from the stains in your coffee cup, the markings on your banana, the colour of your clothes and even the things you scrawl on the back of your hand.
data gleaning in progress
data gleaning in progress
Taking inspiration from Socrates[1] and Pataphysics,[2] I have assigned myself the role of the quasi-scientific meddler, whose philosopher’s stone constitutes an amalgam, blending scientific principles with all things whimsical and poetic. Through my own particular branch of pseudo-science known as Quidditology,[3] I have, by examining the arcane elements of everyday living, formulated a hypothesis for winning lottery numbers…

Life/Lotto came to fruition from my fascination with (subliminal) signs and ciphers hidden within the minutiae of everyday routine. By documenting the tiny nuances and serendipitous events in my day-to-day occurrences, I have created unique divination methodologies: Chromistry: of colour / diet, Khawology: of coffee dregs, Klaeddr Prognostication: of clothing, Manus Vaticination: of hand-written notes, Olfactomantic Dowsing: of odours etc… Each sure to produce riches.

In my preoccupation with explaining the inexplicable, it is the synergy between life-art-science that stimulates my imagination, taking the everyday into the realms of the ‘pata-typical’.[4] I am interested in exploring the breadth of knowledge available to me through the experiences I encounter of the metaphysical world.

Hence, for Life/Lotto, I have rigorously monitored, over a period of 13 weeks, a great magnitude of amassed ‘codes’, each sampled from the happenstance of daily life, and each in need of deciphering. The pure immensity of the data collected has made it a necessity to channel my somewhat obsessional methodology and home in on the myriad flux and shifts of daily occurrence.

Life/Lotto is the accumulation of hypothesis, experiment, computations, collations, and comparisons. Most are prepared through analysis and constructed using the conduit of the invaluable Excel database, Word document and PowerPoint presentation (each a programme found on many computers). I have utilised these tools to set the boundaries of my project: By restricting the permutations of possibility, my divinations gain the potency that only becomes apparent in simplicity.

Helen Frosi
April 2005

1. Socrates (469 BC – 399 BC) claimed that ‘The unexamined life is not worth living’.

2. Pataphysics ‘The science of imaginary solutions’, founded by Alfred Jarry (1873 – 1907). See: for more information.

3. The artful divination of customary living: to benefit mind, body and soul.

4. The philosophy or science dedicated to studying what lies beyond the realm of meta-typical. This itself being the study of what lies beyond the typical (or that which is experienced, assumed, customary or normal).

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