Day-to-Day Data
The exhibition at Aspex Gallery featured the six original commissions from Angel Row Gallery alongside two new works. The collaboration with SCAN meant the Day-to-Day Data was able to preview new works by Hywel Davies and James Coupe, Hedley Roberts & Rob Saunders, which were the result of a year long period of research and development.

The exhibition had a very different look and feel to the Angel Row Gallery show. This was a result of the entire show being contained within one room instead of two and the added soundtrack from Hywel’s installation.

Aspex Gallery, 27 Brougham Road, Portsmouth, PO5 4PA
Telephone: +44 (0) 23 9281 2121

Exhibition Dates: Saturday 17 September – Saturday 29 October 2005
Open: Tuesday – Friday, 12 – 6pm, Saturday, 12 – 4pm

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(photography by Joanne Bushnell and Ellie Harrison)
installation view, Aspex Gallery
installation view, Aspex Gallery
Launch Event

Friday 16 September, 7 – 9pm

This event was the official launch of the Gallery Exhibition at Aspex Gallery. It was also an opportunity for Sam Curtis to continue his quest to single-handedly count all the people in the UK for his ongoing performance IDUK. The exhibition was launched with a speech by Aspex Gallery director Joanne Bushnell, which also celebrated former Exhibitions & Marketing Co-ordinator, Susie Clark’s last day at work.
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Bio Mapping

Ongoing throughout the exhibition

Three of Christian Nold’s Bio Mapping devices were available for Aspex Gallery visitors to borrow for the duration of the Day-to-Day Data exhibition. Once kitted out with the device, visitors went for a 40 minute walk around the local area. On returning, gallery assistants used Christian’s software to transform the data collected into personal Bio Maps, which were then shown on the gallery show reel.

The Quotidian Factor

Monday 3 October, 2 – 5pm

This was a creative workshop devised by Adele Prince and Ellie Harrison. It was open to artists working in all media with a particular interest in quantifying and documenting objects, events and experiences from everyday life. Through a series of four diverse activities artists were put through their paces and encouraged to look to the smaller things in life for inspiration for their work. This event was organised by the Artists’ Resource Centre (ARC).
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Curator's Talk

Thursday 6 October, 7:30pm

Ellie Harrison, curator of Day-to-Day Data, gave a talk about the birth of the project. She discussed the development of her own practice as an artist in relation to the works selected for the show. This talk was organised in association with Gallery Go.

One-to-One Tutorials

Monday 24 October, 1:30 – 5:30pm

To coincide with the Day-to-Day Data exhibition, Abigail Reynolds was present at the gallery and gave five one-to-one tutorials to local artists. She discussed their work in relation to the Dictionay Ranges sculptures in the show. The tutorials were organised by the Artists’ Resource Centre (ARC).

Trolley Spotting at ASDA

Ongoing throughout the exhibition
at ASDA, The Bridge Shopping Centre, Somers Road North, Portsmouth, PO1 1SL

As part of Adele Prince’s Trolley Spotting project for the Web-based Exhibition,
special turquoise tags were placed onto the entire fleet of trolleys at this local branch of ASDA. Store visitors were encouraged to contact Adele via the website to report their siting.
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