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Collected Data


Received January 10, 2006, Decoded January 20, 2006

We interrupt our regular scheduled program with a commercial.
This new machinery is designed to clean and ready us for the rest of our lives.
Cleaned and sealed we are comfortable in this bag.
In these vacuum sealed bags we can be ourselves.
The machine whispers stories that meet our needs for repetition and popular science.
This is where we nourish our awakening fantasies while we are safely disconnected from everything else.


Received January 1, 2006. Decoded January 2, 2006

We interrupt our regular scheduled program with a special report. In our studio we have a root vegetable, usually orange, sometimes white or purple, with a treelike structure.
It is a part us, much like we are a part of it.
We observe only what we can see in our immediate surroundings and move only in relation to what we see for ourselves.
These local movements that the individual parts of us make, form a larger moment.
Together the sum of our individual movements makes up our overall movement.
Constant changes in the local systems cause unstable and uncontrollable movements in us as a whole.

Received November 2, 2005. Decoded December 23, 2006

We interrupt our regular scheduled program with some directions on how to assemble yourself.
Open your packaging so that your limbs may be fully unfolded.
The following parts are included:
Bottom ring, middle ring, top ring, 3 metallic rods, 9 explosive charges, 9 detonators and 1 training manual including DVD.
Mount a metallic rod on the middle ring applying a minimum of pressure.
It is important to mount the bolts before you begin mounting the next metal rod.
It is much easier being two when securing the first metal rod.
PLEASE NOTICE! Ease it into position, NEVER force it.
You are now fully assembled and ready to use.

Received January 1, 2005, Decoded January 1, 2006

We interrupt our regular scheduled program with some important information.
All of us have probably noticed the increasing number of earthquakes, globally as well as locally.
Direct links between ourselves and the earthquakes has never been proved.
It has been thought that earthquakes are sudden, rapid tremors in the ground caused by stored energy in the earth.
Energy supposedly builds up and is stored over many years to be released in a few seconds.
Like boiling water gives off heat to its surroundings, the core of the earth gives off energy to the surface of the earth.
The proposition is that these earthquakes send incredible amounts of energy off in all directions from its point of origin.
However today one of us presented a new discovery:
Earthquakes come about as layers of earth underground rub against each other and give of waves of energy.
The waves move along the surface of the earth in rolling waves in a giant energy discharge.
By registering exactly when this energy reaches us we can use it as a kind of sonar.
The more powerful the quake is, the more energy is transmitted through the ground, the more details and deeper we can see.
We thought the earth consisted of a uniform layer of soil and rock.
However now we know that the earth consist of many differently coloured layers.
A fairly soft red layer, of no particular interest.
Below this a slightly harder yellow layer, which we will return to in a moment.
These two layers are run through with blue, turquoise and light blue water carrying layers
Nevertheless the discovery of these brightly coloured layers does not explain the many earthquakes.
Up to now unknown parts of us move through the yellow layer at a high pace.
They are the hottest parts of us rising up from the core of the earth.
We rub against the surface and each other while spreading towards the surface.
Like a conveyer belt carrying continents and oceans about the globe.
A storm of us thunder through the subterranean depths beneath our feet.

Received June 7, 2004, Decoded November 23, 2004

Inside us something is happening.
Our textures changes and light breaks though.
It passes through us like it passes through air and glass.
Only a few percent of the visible light does not pass through us.
It refracts and distorts in our surface.
It is absorbed and sucked up by us.

Received May 30, 2004, Decoded April 2, 2004

We interrupt our regular scheduled program with a conversation.
Today we have invited ourselves to come by and say a little bit about us.
The tap root, the orange and eatable part of us, likes to grow vertically down into the ground.
When we meet to talk, or act together, can we be conscious of the fear which blocks our ability to listen freely?
We construct a stream of meaning which flows between us, through us and between us.
This shared meaning is the glue that keeps us together.
Yes our ideas are mainly the result of a collective thought process and interplay with ourselves.
What we think together is more than we could think separately.
But actually our surroundings have produced most of what we think we have thought out ourselves.
You could say that the thoughts pass through us and take form in us:
We simply add a little to it, we do one thing or another to it.
We do not control our thoughts.
Our mind knows not what it does and fights what it does without knowing it.
Would we be happy, if only we knew?
Happy about what?
To be together again.
Do we think so?
Say we are, even if it is not true.
What is it we have to say?
Say we are happy
We are happy
We are happy
We are
We are
We are happy
We are happy

Received March 17, 2004, Decoded April 1, 2004

We interrupt our regular scheduled program with a special report.
Condition during sorting into small plastic bags was earlier today heavily criticized.
Our investigations into the process show an infinite potential for change.
Layer upon layer of systems of knowledge unfold from this familiar process, as infinite layers of associations open up to us.
We imagine a place where what is real and what is imagined are inseparable.
Carrot lasers examine the far reaches of outer space, while we heal ourselves with microscopic soap bubbles.
Our science exposes the inner life of things to their own fantastic potential.

Received January 15, 2004. Un decoded

Received November 22, 2003, Decoded December 4, 2003

We interrupt our regular scheduled program with the story of a dream a dream that is capable of affecting both ourselves and our surrounding. The story of the dream follows:
We close our eyes and let the sleep sweep over us. The atoms dance before our eyes; these diminutive beings appear to us in constant movement. We see how two smaller atoms often merge to form a pair. We see how a larger atom embraces the two smaller ones and how even larger atoms connect to three or four smaller ones, while they dance gaily around us.
We see how the larger atoms form chains and pulling the smaller ones after them. We approach curiously and an elated feeling flow through our body. Gradually we merge with the molecule we are inside the molecule and they are inside us. They relocate; switching places and forcing our body into perfect rows of concentric circles. Dreaming geometrically we float inwards towards the center of our perfect universe
We are a fifth state neither solid, liquid, gaseous or plasmatic. We come into being before our own eyes as a kind of inert gas, like xenon, neon or krypton, unable to bond with the surrounding universes. In the perfect world of our molecules we become isolated from the surrounding world.

Received January 29, 2003, Decoded November 4, 2003

We interrupt our regular scheduled program to bring you a theory.
For a long time we have been working on a theory of everything.
A large unitarian theory explaining all the principal processes going on by introducing energy filled material.
Every night we dream of carrots, wondrous molecular structures and giant ever growing buildings.
The dream haunts us, as we struggle through endless experiments leading nowhere.
Experiments in the chemical fumes or complex mathematical formulas on paper.
Somewhere in the universes is a tiny drop in which we have found a different internal space.
As they enter the drop the black holes turn into strings.
And strings turn into black holes.
In our immediate surroundings such drops could appear fleetingly as virtual universes, existing for microscopic amounts of time and die out before they become logical.

Received August 1, 2002, Decoded November 4, 2002

We interrupt our regular scheduled program to bring you a special report.
A strike has broken out on a factory on the outskirts of town and it has been said that the involved parties cannot reach an agreement.
According to our sources the workers are tired of the awful treatment they receive from management,
We have a recording from the factory documenting the horrible conditions workers have to put up with.
In a written statement they proclaim they have no degrees and have undergone a whole range of different treatments like sorting, cleaning and packaging in air tight bags just to be pushed around on the production line until we are so confused we no longer remember who we are.
This is a violation of our rights as individuals and very physical abuse that may lead to permanent harm.
We demand better and gentler conveyer belts, perhaps featuring padding in the most exposed places, but this is not something management has listened to.
We are not going to take it anymore, so we refuse to work.
We dream of a factory where everybody is equal and equally well treated.
A roomy workspace full of light and space a place which radiates understanding and offers the opportunity for our further education.
The factory should be red, lined by silvery piping, we like that.
We like beautiful factories and large machines that make lots of noise.

Received June 1, 2002, Decoded July 4, 2002

We interrupt our regular scheduled program with a special report.
We see our thoughts become visible and take form around us
They condense to a river of liquid, a wave that washes over us.
Shiny clean and glass clear the wave presses into all cavities.
Thoughts pour into our bodies from the outside through the openings of our bodies.
Through the mouth, glands and microscopic breaks in our skin.
Inside our bodies thought migrate towards our respiratory system and fill our already flooded lungs.
Knowledge bacteria grown inside us, replicating itself and taking control of the cells we are made up of.
In a river of liquid ideas we slowly dissolve, while small drops of us fill the air.

Received March 31, 2002, Decoded June 13, 2002

We interrupt our regular scheduled program with a special report
A new planet has emerged in our solar system.
With a diameter of around 1.4 kilometers we are 110 times the length of the earth.
A shining orange astronomical object with a surface consisting of about 92.1% meaning.
The new planet gives off a temperature of about 15 million degrees Celsius originating from its core.
Below the surface a blue layer of knowledge producing bacteria is thriving in the increasing heat from the core.
This layer is floating on a white layer of less intuitive magma moving towards the surface solidifying into knowledge.
As we close in on the core both the temperature and the degree of misunderstanding increases.
Overheated sediments of heavy brow meaning shield the core from outside sense.
Finally the smoldering core of the new sun is revealed.
A plasmatic inner incomprehensibility in constant movement, rejecting any comprehension or systematic.

Received March 29, 2002, Decoded June 12, 2002

We interrupt our regular scheduled program with a special report.
An increased amount of alpha waves are reported lately as a result of an alien element invading our society.
A creased mass of brain in the vicinity giving off strong impulses, ideas and opinions which we are unable to resist, we are overwhelmed by alpha waves about this and that.
We struggle, sending squadrons of thoughts back at the brain.
The discussion heats up, but the brain is ready and parries all our answers with even more superior systems of organized knowledge.
It is capable of thinking and connecting the world in one continuous structure it thinks the world as it is and then the world as it could be. Alternative realities, each with their internally coherent logic.
Our simple assumptions on knowledge as a fluid structure moving unhindered through everything gives up when confronted with this clarity of vision that meets us.

Received March 22, 2002. Un decoded

Received March 12, 2002. Un decoded

Received February 4, 2002, Decoded February 11, 2002

We're gonna be round our vegetables
We're gonna chow down our vegetables
We love us most of all
Our favourite vege-table

If we brought a big brown bag of them home
We'd jump up and down and hope we'd toss me a carrot

We're gonna keep well our vegetables
Cart off and sell our vegetables
We love us most of all
Our favorite vege-table
Oh oh taba vega vegel

We tried to kick the ball but our tenny flew right off
We're red as beet 'cause we're so embarrassed

Oh oh dum do dum de dooby do
Oh oh dum do dum de dooby do
Oh oh dum do dum de dooby do
oh yeah
Oh badumday oh dum do dum de dooby do
Oh badumday oh dum do dum de dooby do

Chomp chomp chomp chomp do-do-do do-do-do
Bop bop bop bop do-do-do do-do-do

We know that we'll feel better
When we send us in
Our letter an'
Tell us the name of our
Our favourite vege-table

We know that we'll feel better
When we send us in
Our letter an'
Tell us the name of our
Our favourite vege-table

Received September 12, 2002. Un decoded

Received September 28, 2002, Decoded November 11, 2002

We interrupt our regular scheduled program with a special report from Lammefjorden Farm featuring the tiny newly born we all care so deeply about.
Here we see the birth of the dear young ones, performed under secure conditions and with loving care.
At Lammefjorden Farm nature has gifted us with the very best of soil conditions.
This results in a extra high content of natural carotene and sugar in those of us who are lucky enough to be grown here.

Received January 10, 2001, Decoded January 1, 2002

We interrupt our regular scheduled program to bring you good news from the civilizations engineering outpost.
Engineers who transform barren and far away planets to mild and hospitable habitats in the universe with the help of terra forming.
Today we celebrate our 250 years of colonizing space, and what better opportunity could there be to take a closer look at our latest successes and how we handle new and incomprehensible challenges.
In this virtual landscape we se how a planet is changed.
The first step is creating an atmosphere in which it is possible to breathe.
The lower blue area is usually frozen and need to be defrosted in order to release oxygen that trapped in water.
The higher red areas are still too warm and dry to have the right conditions for life.
Our delicate anatomy makes the placements of the first settlements extremely important
In the light green areas we are comfortable, the temperature is right and the soils condition has perfect conditions for growth.
Here we have the opportunity of starting a new family, building a society on new foundations, be kings of our own universe, look confidently into space and know that we are the proud children of our civilization defying the commonsense on the edges of the known world.

Received January 1, 2001. Un decoded

Received September 20, 2000. Un decoded

Received May 13, 2000. Un decoded

Received January 1, 2000. Un decoded

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