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Christian Nold
Title: Bio Mapping
Location: Available at all gallery venues

Christian is the designer and manufacturer of the Bio Mapping device. The device allows people to collect data about their Galvanic Skin Response (a simple measure of stress or excitement) together with their geographical location (using GPS) as they walk around the city. During the exhibition, three Bio Mapping devices are available for visitors to borrow and experiment with walking through the local area. The data they collect can be instantly inputted into a computer back in the gallery to produce a personalised Bio Map. A show reel of previous visitors’ Bio Maps is projected in the gallery.
Bio Mapping device
Bio Mapping device
Bio Mapping is a tool for gathering biological data about our body. It uses a bio sensor which logs our physiological arousal level in conjunction with a Global Positioning System which locates our position on earth. As you walk around the city, these two devices combine to create personal, emotional maps that record the exact positions of where on earth we feel relaxed or aroused.

The finger cuff sensor records changes in our galvanic skin response which are said to indicate emotional states. The sensor is based on the polygraph or lie detector test but the data recorded is for our own personal interpretation rather then external monitoring.

After returning from their walk the participants see their own Bio Map and discuss how it relates to their experience. If they wish, they can share the data of their walk with the rest of the participants in order to construct a communal map that visualises where in the city the group feel most relaxed or aroused.

Bio Mapping is a continuation of the 1960’s concept of psychogeography – a personal emotional geography that can be explored and recorded by drifting through the city. Bio Mapping extends this idea by providing a way to aggregate this subjective information, creating a new kind of intersubjective data.

Will other people’s experiences allow us to engage differently with our environment?

Christian Nold
April 2005

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